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Offering a diverse range of products & services including Multi Brand Discount Card, Personal Hygiene Products, English Courses, etc.

About Us

The healthcare industry is a long-established sector, and its importance is increasingly growing all over the world. It has also taken many businesses into the industry that compete in the top ranks but just a handful, are capable of maintaining the high standard of healthcare products. Our company, TYMK Health & Wellness Private Limited has been able to win a significant market position as one of these companies. The reason behind our great performance is that we are a diverse manufacturer and supplier of the best healthcare products which includes Joints and Bone Pain Capsule, Personal Hygiene Products, Digestive Care Medicine etc. As a service provider, we render Club Membership Consultant Services, English Courses, Online Computer Education Services etc. Attributes such as effectiveness, safety and competitive prices make our products & services highly popular among many clients in the market.

Our Products Division

We have divisioned our comprehensive range of products into Floor Cleaner, Personal Hygiene Products, Joints and Bone Pain Capsule, into specific divisions like:

  • Aurascen: The product range of Aurascen is: Shampoo, Soap, Shower Gel, etc. Through these, one can Cast the Magic & Fragrance of Human Body Beauty with divine love everywhere.
  • Ayustam: Since Ayurveda is a holistic, natural healing method, Ayustam comprises numerous Indian ayurvedic medicines to strengthen the overall well-being without any side effects.
  • Germiwipe: Germiwipe provides options for cleaning Germs off the Home, Car, Offices, Work Desk with wide range of Germiwipe Products: Cleaners, Glass Cleaners, Room Freshner, Detergent Goods, Dishwasher etc.

Our Goal

The main goal of our corporation is to offer innovative & effective solutions to the healthcare sector that can benefit the society. Throughout that, we carry out rigorous research and undertake a range of scientific studies to meet the highest expectations.

Why Choose Our Products?

In our company, we process our range including Joints and Bone Pain Capsule, Personal Hygiene Products, Floor Cleaner etc., in our own manufacturing and R&D center. The main features of our products which makes these distinctive are as follows:

  • They are 100% veg.
  • They are 100% derived from the vegetable mineral kingdom.
  • 100% standardized herbs.
  • All of them are Paraben free.
  • Standardized Natural Extracts.
  • They are not at all tested on animals
  • They adhere to Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS).
  • We follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to produce them.
  • 100% Chemical Free.
  • 76 to 78% TFM in SOAP (A Grade).
  • SLS (sulphate) Free.
  • They are 100% Natural.
  • They are Phosphate Free & Silicone Free.

Speed Your Business 

We specialize in offering travel, recreation and lifestyle experiences to formulate better and inspiring programs to boost your profile. The most successful ways of motivating your dealer network and employees and adding great value to your product at an unbelievable price. Increase in product distribution revenue, enhance gross profit, identify and involve end-users of the products & improve connections with distributors, resellers as well as the customers, are some of the major aspects to enhance business.

Our Products Division

We have divided our wide array of products including Personal Hygiene Products, Floor Cleaner, Joints and Bone Pain Capsule

Our Goal

The primary goal of our company is to offer innovative solutions for the healthcare sector that can benefit the people.

Our Associates

We are a member of the world-famous TYMK Group Company. Apart from us, the group has TYMK Creative Services Private Limited, as our sister concern.
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